A Double Bill 2013

...not just one, but two excellent renditions of outstanding and thought provoking plays. Two very different plays, but each had comedy, sadness and poignancy aplenty.


Rex Mounfield (October 2013)

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The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan


Andrew Crocker-Harris, a Master at a public school, must retire early because of failing health. Now the object of jokes and ridicule by his students, and denied a pension by the school, his bearing is subdued by sadness, yearning and surrender to circumstance. His wife Millie has contented herself with numerous affairs with his colleagues, cruelly undermining what remains of his sense of manhood. Her current lover, Frank is torn between a sense of guilt, his admiration for Andrew, and the dying embers of lust for Millie. It is only when Crocker-Harris is presented with a rare translation of the Agamemnon from a student that his mask of stoic restraint melts to reveal a desperately fragile inner life.

Red Peppers by Noel Coward


A light hearted comedy with music set in "The Palace of Varieties" in a small provincial English town in 1936. George and Lily Pepper are a singing and dancing comedy act, married for many years, and have been in the business since they were children, when off stage they spend most of their time bickering. Variety Theatres are on their way out, as the cinema begins to take its place.

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